LEICA M9 and Micro photography

One day, for some insane reason, I decided to buy a Visoflex III for my Leica M9 camera. If you don’t know what it’s exactly, let me explain some things about this adapter.

The Visoflex was a device manufactured by Leica almost 50 years ago. It enabled their rangefinder cameras to be converted to an SLR. Even today the Visoflex can still be used on the latest M cameras.

There are those out there who will laugh at the Visoflex because it must be said, it’s not the easiest or the fastest system in the world to use. That said it is very versatile and obviously robust since you can still find fully working examples for sale for a fraction of their worth although prices are rising as folk realize they can be fitted to the M8 and M9.

If you want to do macro work, like the photo above, all you need is the Visoflex housing and either a 35 or 50mm lens. Once mounted on the Visoflex these lenses will not be able to focus to infinity but they can be used for very close up shots. You need no other adapters or bits and pieces, just some water drops or any subject to point at.

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